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We specialise in hand made Bao buns and other

street foods to share while you enjoy them!


Gua Bao

(Steamed buns)

Fresh, hand made steamed buns packed with your favourite fillings!


Sharing Plates

Assorted plates for sharing with your persons of choice!


Cocktails and more!

Fluids for your pleasure!

alcohols not available during lockdown sadly :(


How to go about dining with us

We are a locally owned small business with an addiction to Bao buns and anything that will accompany them to create a well rounded meal to share with those that are worthy of sharing food with.

We make our Gua Bao fresh in store and we are very proud of that fact, we have a few dishes that we keep on our menu but change the sauces and flavours on including Korean fried chicken, loaded fries and dumplings. other than these staples we draw our inspiration from street foods from all over Asia.

Since reopening post Covid we have started taking bookings, so give us a message on facebook or call us on the number below. 


Ph No. 06 6500185 

For us the most beneficial and also the most accurate way of doing things when it comes to doing takeaways is to place your orders over the phone, this way we can give you live and accurate timings so that you will know the best time to collect so it is at its freshest we can possibly make it!

We are also using the Delivereasy app for delivery services, we have a very good relationship with these guys and are very happy they are with us.


"When you drink the water, remember the spring"

Yin Shui Si Yuan

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